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One of the major areas confronting survivors of Domestic Violence & Abuse (DVA) is beginning a new chapter in love. Having been betrayed and abused by the one who you had trusted the most, can leave you disconnected from the desire to be in a relationship again. The delightful news is that building a new relationship based on trust is possible!

Before you re-engage yourself in a relationship, you will need to consider a few steps as you prepare to fall in love again. Healing is a crucial aspect, as any baggage from the past will hinder successful future relationships. No one would appreciate being perceived like you would your ex-husband / partner. So, permit yourself to go through the healing process that makes you complete. A great relationship is made by two completely healed individuals.

Not putting yourself under pressure to find love, will be a bonus to you. Take your time. In a number of situations, seeing friends in relationships, or insecurities associated with being alone, can convince you that a new relationship is what you need. But focusing on rebuilding yourself, till you are certainly ready, will be of great benefit to you and your future partner. You will also make a great world for yourself, with understanding of how you would like your life to be as an individual.

As a Christian, I believe that keeping yourself pure gives you spiritual liberty that will benefit other areas of your healing and restoration. I know that in the world we live in today “abstinence” is hardly taught, even in some Christian circles. But if you are working on creating a good foundation for a prosperous future relationship, I believe that “abstinence” is a vital factor to observe. It also keeps you from accumulating more baggage as you work towards complete healing.

Though you would have learnt vital lessons through your past experiences, it would be worthwhile for you to attend events on relationship building. This prepares your heart and mind more on how to build a successful relationship, avoiding the traps that once captivated you. It is possible to find love again. But I consider that taking time to prepare for love will give you greater rewards.

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We coach survivors of Domestic Violence & Abuse (DVA) to reach their full potential, & completely prosper in it. We also train faith communities & professionals on how to effectively tackle all forms of DVA that exist in faith communities. Our founder survived 10 yrs of DVA, & became wonderfully restored as she was determined to rebuild her life. Midlands, England ·

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