Press Release: Kahrmel Wellness partners with Anon Care for unique service

AnonCare, a global social network which brings together patient, carers and health experts to share compassion, is now working with Birmingham’s Kahrmel Wellness to take a stand against domestic violence and abuse by networking victims to support services and digital toolkits to help restore their lives.

The social network, is making its features available to women suffering domestic abuse, giving access to digital private journals to help document abuse, provide access to online communities where they can meet other women with similar experiences and engage with staff from Kahrmel Wellness to ensure they are receive helpful information anonymously without giving away their identity.

Kahrmel Wellness, which operates from Handsworth Birmingham offers face to face support to victims of domestic violence and abuse across and beyond Birmingham, is now able to reach women discreetly in their own homes through the health platform.

Kudakwashe Nyakudya, the Founder of Kahrmel Wellness said, “Many victims of domestic violence & abuse suffer in silence, due to the many difficulties they face. They are also afraid to use mainstream social networks to reach out, due to the fear of personal safety, cultural restrictions, and wider perceptions. AnonCare opens a new door, allowing victims to sign up anonymously, as part of a wider health network so it is useful and discrete.

“On AnonCare, we will listen to you, support you and give you time and space to decide what you want to do. Remember, you do not have to suffer alone.”

Jyotveer Singh Gill, the Founder of AnonCare said, “We will be encouraging people to report domestic abuse and help raise awareness of the services and support available to victims. This is really social networking inspired social action. Together we can make a difference.”

To join Kahrmel Wellness on AnonCare visit


Notes for Editors

1. AnonCare is a unique web based patient portal which is faith inspired and generated from within the NHS. The health network aims to motivate patients to care for one another and promote shared values of compassion and empathy, to offer a universal human response to the suffering of others.

Generated from within the NHS and guided in its initial development by the Chairman of Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha, Bhai Sahib Bhai Mohinder Singh, the AnonCare is an exciting merger of the latest in technology and practice of age old values that aim to help people feel, understand, and respond to the suffering of others while maintaining genuine relationships of caring across class, creed and boundaries

Through its features the innovation offers significant benefits for patients, carers and providers in the management of health and wellbeing.

2. Kahrmel Wellness was founded in 2010 by the uniquely specialised consultant for Domestic Violence & Abuse (DVA), Kudakwashe Nyakudya. We are particularly dedicated to assisting survivors of DVA, from diverse backgrounds, to rebuild and restore their lives, after they come out of the radically devastating and complex experiences of DVA. We vitally focus on empowering survivors to reach their full potential, and completely prosper in it, thereby experience the fullness of life. We also have specialist support for faith communities designed to educate, empower, and equip them to respond effective to the DVA cases that occur within their environments. They can achieve this by becoming fortresses of refuge and practical resources for adult and child victims, while radically facilitating the transformation of perpetrators using significant measures. More information at

© Kahrmel Wellness Community Interest Company 2014. All Rights Reserved.

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Kahrmel Wellness

We coach survivors of Domestic Violence & Abuse (DVA) to reach their full potential, & completely prosper in it. We also train faith communities & professionals on how to effectively tackle all forms of DVA that exist in faith communities. Our founder survived 10 yrs of DVA, & became wonderfully restored as she was determined to rebuild her life. Midlands, England ·

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