Kudakwashe On BBC Radios Discussing Domestic Abuse Against Men



Our passion is to see victims experience fullness of life again
BBC Radio Guernsey Interview – Listen from 1hr 23

This morning Kudakwashe Nyakudya challenged Christians, & other faith groups, to offer “practical faith” by reaching out to men victims of Domestic Violence & Abuse (DVA), as she was speaking in interviews on BBC’s religious programmes broadcasted on radios across United Kingdom.

Though DVA mainly affects women & also children, more than 2.2 million men are affected, & 1 in 6 men will survive DVA in their life time. Men are more than twice unlikely to report their experience of abuse than women. More statistics…

In order to reflect the plight of DVA on men, Kudakwashe recommended for adverts to include male survivors in proportion to statistics available, & for services become more educated on the dynamics that affect male survivors in order to serve them more appropriately.

Kudakwashe also recommended for both government & non-government commissioners to offer resources for male survivors to encourage DVA services to be more open & confident to serve male survivors, as too many times lack of resources discourages service providers from setting up the right services for males.

For the church, & other faith communities, the occurrence of the pandemic is often masked or brushed under the carpet, reducing the opportunities for both male & female survivors – even those  in leadership, to receive adequate support.

Kudakwashe recommended for church leaders to step up and work to safeguard and protect survivors and their children, while perpetrators are held accountable with actions that demonstrate that their behaviour is not tolerated. Where there is lack of appropriate action and silence, DVA festers.

To listen to one of the interviews click here. More links are available on our twitter @KahrmelWellness. If you need services more specific for men visit ManKind Initiative or Men’s Advice Line.

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