Kahrmel Wellness

Kahrmel Wellness was birthed in 2010 by the uniquely specialised consultant for Domestic Violence & Abuse (DVA), Kudakwashe Nyakudya. We are particularly dedicated to assisting multi-cultural adult and child survivors of DVA to rebuild and restore their lives after leaving abusive relationships, by vitally focusing on empowering them to re-discover and maximise their potential, thereby experience the fullness of life.

Kudakwashe survived 10 years of DVA, perpetrated by the Christian man she was married to. Overcoming immense challenges, she defiantly pursued to become completely restored, regardless of the adverse devastation the experience had presented. Her story is full of deep inspiration of how a woman, once a victim of grave violence and oppression, became a champion of living in freedom and success.

Imparting from our unique mix of multi-discipline expertise, we tenaciously assist adult and child survivors through life-changing programmes and services dedicated at ensuring that they achieve complete restoration in every area of life, after they come out of the radically devastating  and complex experiences of DVA.

Of importance, we also have a specialist service targeted at educating, equipping, and empowering multi-faith communities to effectively tackle DVA cases that occur within their environments, including tactful work with perpetrators. We facilitate this through carefully crafted educational conferences and bespoke training, as well as comprehensive practical support for adult and child survivors.

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5 thoughts on “Kahrmel Wellness

  1. Kahrmelwellness is a values led organisation making a difference and I would encourage all government and community groups to collaborate and make measurable difference to peoples lives.

    Kudakwashe is an inspiration to many including myself. She stands for truth, faith and justice for all. What she does is honorable.

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