survivor, victim or perpetrator?

Written By Kudakwashe Nyakudya After a few days of staying in the refuge for women and children affected by Domestic Violence & Abuse in 2008, I began to compassionately observe the other families we shared that accommodation with.  I pondered about who each individual would emerge to be, and concluded that we all had 3 options – … Continue reading survivor, victim or perpetrator?

love matters in quality relationships

Kudakwashe Nyakudya My message today is on using love in everyday living. Love matters when you desire to have healthy human relationships that are based on truth, integrity and care. As a survivor of Domestic Violence and Abuse, I know what marital love is, not because I received it from the man I was married to, … Continue reading love matters in quality relationships

what is domestic violence & abuse?

Kudakwashe Nyakudya I knew of what Domestic Violence and Abuse (DVA)  is through experience. I had not heard of its definition or legal classifications until the day police started to help me flee from my perpetrator, though I could describe what it was and how it manifested. Many people assume that DVA only relates to … Continue reading what is domestic violence & abuse?