The Responsibility Of A Survivor’s Freedom

Written by Kudakwashe Nyakudya Many victims and survivors of  Domestic Violence & Abuse (DVA) desire to be completely free from the social pandemic. Freedom is a great opportunity to experience. However, the key here is where we want to be free to. If freedom is a place or destination, then we need to be intentionally responsible for how … Continue reading The Responsibility Of A Survivor’s Freedom

Finding psychological freedom

Kudakwashe Nyakudya Psychological & emotional abuse are the most devastating, as they rob from victims their full ability to manage their wellbeing & life. I see this type of abuse as the primary form, which also becomes the foundation for any other abuses to exist on. Further more it breaks the spirit of the victim, giving the perpetrator … Continue reading Finding psychological freedom

complete restoration defeats complete devastation …

written by Kudakwashe Nyakudya Each area of life has an impact on the others. Hence when one area, like emotional health, is compromised, every other area suffers because of that. In Domestic Violence & Abuse (DVA) however, it is normal for more than one area to be devastated at any given time. In my own personal experience, … Continue reading complete restoration defeats complete devastation …

Re-ordering Your Life

written by Kudakwashe Nyakudya One reality of surviving Domestic Violence & Abuse (DVA) is how life crashes due to the consequences of the predicament. For many of us, beginning a new life after fleeing from abusive spouses, implies a beginning of picking up the pieces remaining in life, at that point. Rebuilding and restoration, after the … Continue reading Re-ordering Your Life