Our conferences serve to deploy education on practical and effective tackling of  Domestic Violence and Abuse (DVA) in faith communities, in regions across the United Kingdom.

Our aim is to enhance understanding on the plight, struggles, and needs of victims of DVA in faith communities, which are normally worsened by the untold difficulties they experience. Furthermore, we teach on how to boldly and radically work with perpetrators of DVA. Any work with perpetrators of DVA needs significant measures that place the safety of adult and child victims as a priority.

The conference programme also includes topics on the impact of DVA on children in faith communities, and the challenges that they too face. The highlight of our conferences is the education on the strategic model our Founder Director Kudakwashe Nyakudya designed, specifically for tackling DVA in faith communities

The focus on achieving restoration, boldly asserts that assisting victims does not end at the point they flee from an abusive relationship, but after they achieve complete restoration. The complex dynamics, that are unique to faith communities, make victims from this group suffer the greatest extent of DVA. But where there has been devastation, there can be absolute restoration.

Our vision is to see faith communities transformed into fortresses of refuge and practical resources for adult and child victims and survivors, in a manner that does not compromise their safety and restoration needs. We also purpose to assist faith communities to become facilitators of the crucial work required in the positive transformation of perpetrators. In addition, we are committed to educating professionals on how to best assist victims from faith communities.

Information on past conferences:

Tackling DVA In Faith Communities, Conference 2018

Tackling DVA In Faith Communities, Conference 2017

A Focus On The Church, Nottingham 2016

Church Leaders Seminar

2014 Conferences

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