Kudakwashe Nyakudya is a Domestic Violence & Abuse (DVA) consultant, and a mentor and life coach for survivors. She is tenaciously dedicated to assist survivors of DVA to completely rebuild and restore every area of life once devastated by the pandemic, after they leave abusive relationships. She is also a recognised expert witness for DVA legal proceedings, involving both adults and children.

She is a sought after dynamic speaker for professional conferences, religious and cultural gatherings, where many have testified of the powerful inspiration her messages carry. She is a regular guest on international TV and radio, and is consulted for fundamental guidance on issues to do with human dignity and interpersonal justice.

Kudakwashe is dual registered as a Psychiatric Nurse and Nutritionist, and specialises in Child & Adolescent health in the disciplines, having completed two Master of Science degrees in Applied Child Psychology, and Nutritional Sciences, after leaving her abusive relationship. She continues to pursue further studies.

She has worked in diverse hospital and community settings where she has witnessed first hand the extremes of the impact of DVA on the mental and physical health of both adults and children. Her deep passion is in assisting adult and child victims to fully recover, achieving complete restoration.

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