Online Support


In partnership with the global social network AnonCare, we have created a unique online support service for you, if you are or have been affected by Domestic Violence & Abuse (DVA). The approach is available to women (or men), and has features that give access to digital private journals that helps document episodes of violence or abuse.

AnonCare is originally a unique web based patient portal which is faith inspired and generated from within the NHS. The health network aims to motivate patients to care for one another and promote shared values of compassion and empathy, to offer a universal human response to the suffering of others.

Through this innovative health platform, AnonCare, our online support service enables you to reach us discreetly. There is also access to online communities where you can meet others with similar experiences, and the opportunity to engage with our staff to ensure you receive helpful information anonymously without giving away your identity. 

Remember, you do not have to suffer alone. Take advantage of our unique compassion led online support today at You can start by opening your own account, joining our group, and then using the “Health Notes” features to document your experiences, while notifying us of your needs at the same time. 

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