Our training for tackling Domestic Violence & Abuse (DVA) in faith communities is ideal for DVA academics, faith leaders, members of faith communities, DVA survivors & professionals from  statutory, private & third sector organisations who work with adult & child victims & perpetrators from faith communities.

Our overall aim is to assist faith communities to become fortresses of refuge, and practical resources for adult and child victims and survivors of DVA, managed by educated, trained and developed teams. Their services would primarily be for those affected by DVA within their own communities, while extending to the wider community. In addition, we aim to equip and empower faith communities to radically challenge perpetrators, in a way that does not compromise the safety needs of adult and child victims.

The focal point of our training is the bespoke strategic model which was designed by our Founding Director Kudakwashe Nyakudya, specifically for practical tackling of DVA in faith communities. The model is sealed with a focus on the achievement of multi-dimensional restoration by adult and child survivors, an element that boldly asserts that assisting victims does not end at the point they flee from an abusive relationship, but after complete restoration is achieved. This ensures that  fullness of life is experienced once again.

Our training is therefore specialist in nature, crafted to address the complex dynamics of all forms of DVA, emphasising what is unique to faith communities. Outside hosting our training events, we welcome faith communities or professionals to invite us to facilitate this bespoke training. We offer packages succinct to an organisation’s educational needs.

Training objectives:

  1. Educating, equipping and empowering faith & multi-cultural communities, and professionals to tackle DVA effectively and practically.
  2. Reducing incidences and multifaceted consequences, of DVA that devastates lives of adult and child victims in complex ways.
  3. Increasing prioritised protection of adult and child victims; as well as promoting their complete restoration after surviving DVA.
  4. Empowering delegates to tactfully challenge perpetrators, the key agents of DVA, with the aim to establish a zero tolerance of DVA, especially in faith communities.
  5. Equipping professional and third sector organisations to effectively assist adult and child victims from faith & multi-cultural communities
  6. Transferring applicable knowledge on how to set up a well functioning internal service
  7. Empowering faith, community, and professional leaders to be agents of social transformation

Past training:

2017 Training Days

2016 National Training Days

2015 National Training Days

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