Perpetrators are the key agents of Domestic Violence & Abuse (DVA), and are entirely accountable for all their behaviours. They exhibit patterns of behaviour characterised by the exercise of control & the misuse of power over others – mostly women and children.

Perpetrating DVA is generally a chronic problem, that is also resistant to change despite availability of carefully crafted change programmes. Hence working with perpetrators is only effective where a perpetrator is absolutely willing to change, shows a good level of motivation, and  is wholeheartedly committed to undergo transformative work.

Where faith exists, perpetrators use sacred texts and religious practices as additional tools for exerting abuse. Unfortunately, the same faith would also inform belief systems that influence how survivors and witnesses respond to abuse, resulting in a complex combination of forms of abuse that affect survivors. However, where there is no abuse, sacred texts can be source of freedom, healing and restoration for survivors.

In too many cases, faith institutions and other governmental systems do not provide effective solutions targeted at perpetrators. Far too often perpetrators’ behaviours are reinforced; resulting in serious incidents and other extensive challenges for survivors who are also trying to recover from the impact of abuse. Any work designed to eradicate DVA must unreservedly focus on perpetrators as the core problem to the DVA matrix. REGISTER HERE

Through our expert trainers – some who are survivors of DVA, our aim is to provide in depth education on the multi-layered aspects of the perpetration of DVA using contemporary research, and a case study from a survivor of horrific experience of abuse. We will also provide direction on how to effectively work with perpetrators amidst the challenges they present, so that the needs of adult and child survivors are prioritised and addressed efficiently. There will be an emphasis on post-separation complications, stalking and harassment.

Trainers: Luke Hart – Trainer on DVA & Co-Author of “Remembered Forever” that exposes reality of DVA & Coercive Control based on a horrific personal experience; Damian Carnell – Trainer On Working With Perpetrators & Director Of End Gendered Abuse; Superintendent Richard North – Lead For Domestic Abuse & Public Protection, West Midlands Police; & Kudakwashe Nyakudya – Founding Director Of Kahrmel Wellness following personal experience of DVA in a Christian Community, she is now also a Dual qualified professional specialising in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychology & Nutrition.

Date: Wednesday, 18 September 2019, 10.00am to 3.00pm. Registration at 9.30am.

Venue: The Signing Tree Conference Centre, Ladywood Road, BIRMINGHAM, West Midlands, B16 8SZ

Cost: £130.00 per delegate, inclusive of educational materials. Register online or email for offline payments, alternatively call 07594217744. Concessions for survivors of DVA and group offers are available. Places are limited. Fair refund policy applies, though no refunds are available for cancellations made within 3 weeks to an event date.

Topics include:

  1. Complex Lived Experiences Of Adult & Child Survivors
  2. Dynamics In Faith Communities
  3. The Behavioural Patterns Of Perpetrators
  4. Criminal Justice Interventions
  5. Civil Law For Survivors
  6. Promoting Safe Faith Communities – In A Safe Society
  7. Case Study: When The Worst Occurs
  8. Promoting Practical Justice For Survivors
  9. Preventing The Passing On Of Perpetrating Behaviours Among Families
  10. Post-Separation Complications, Stalking & Harassment

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